Wind of change in our switchboxes

More precisely, the changes concern the heart of our modules, or electronics. Until now switchboxes have been powered by the Arcaze Simple Solutions controller. It works stably and does not present any difficulties in use. However, the downside is the extremely high price. In addition, testers point to the cumbersome and low intuitive reconfiguration of devices. In fact, although the Arcaze software offers a lot of possibilities, it requires a certain awareness of users. In addition, testers expect the functionality to be extended with the option to select mode – as is the case with many joysticks. The point is that the set of buttons, depending on the mode, perform various functions. For example, the radio panel, in one mode, would operate the AM radio, and in the other the same buttons would control the FM radio. In a word: universality.

Unfortunately, the current electronics are not able to provide such solutions. Therefore, work on the own controller and related configuration software is underway at PRDevices. Electronics will be based on a relatively cheap and fast Arduino DUE with a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. The choice was dictated by the fact that the price of the entire panel in this solution will drop by 20%. Functionality will be significantly improved. Programming work is ongoing, and configuration software is being developed which will allow users without programming experience to conveniently and intuitively configure the device to their own needs.

Is the realization of these goals real? We will see about it in the near future

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