22 March 2018

FBW Collective

Pilots of virtual aircraft, whether propeller or jet, passenger or military have access to a wide range of joysticks, volans and dampers. Helicopter pilots remain in a much worse situation. Not without significance is the fact that the number of meaningful helicopter simulations is negligible. Therefore – on the market of consumer controllers for players – the “helicopter joystick” does not exist. Essentially, to conveniently control a virtual helicopter, the control device should be equipped with a collective rotor lever. It looks like a handbrake lever in a car. Pulling the lever (in simplified form) the pilot lifts the helicopter. Fans of the simulation with a HOTAS joystick – they use the throttle as a colectiv. This is a highly non-ergonomic solution, not precise and far from the “sense of realism”. The DIY (do it yourself) constructions and small companies in the West run by enthusiasts who create controllers for uncompromising pilots come to the rescue – unfortunately – the prices are also uncompromising.

For this reason, also PR Devices is preparing, as a parallel project, a jump lever controller. In contrast to the solutions available in the west – we are trying to build a lever equipped with a blockade (like in the Mi-2 helicopter). The lever can be moved when the locking handle is pressed. Thanks to this – the lever does not fall by itself, which is a problem of the construction available on the market. At the same time, PRD Collective has a handle whose rotation allows you to adjust the engine throttle.