22 March 2018

PRD SimSwitchBox – buttons and switches panel

In addition to a good flight controller, nothing more enjoys the virtual world’s pilots than the ability to operate aircraft systems using physically existing switches and knobs. In today’s simulators, a multitude of systems requires mastering a complex keyboard. Who in the heat of air combat broke his fingers changing weaponry, radio modes, flares release sequences … He knows what’s going on. Alt + Shift + Ctrl + …. and a third hand would be useful. This is a real pilot easier. Fast “snap”, even without the need to look … But it is already possible in the virtual world. More and more types of panels are available, from which you can build an almost perfectly mapped airplane cockpit.

Only three issues seem to be problematic here. First, prices. Prices of western devices. Secondly, the availability of a place – not everyone is willing to sacrifice a bedroom or a living room for the construction of the entire cabin of the aircraft. Thirdly, the construction of the cockpit for a particular aircraft model causes some limitations. We become attached to a given machine. What’s the fun of flying a helicopter in the cockpit of a Boeing?

Hence the natural way of things and in PRDevices the idea that slept somewhere hidden for years has awakened – to create a platform for building universal desk switchboxes. Modules that can be easily retracted do not take up much space, which replicates the most commonly used aircraft systems, which can be universal or, on the contrary, personalized, tailored to the needs, without ruining the home budget. This is the goal that we want to achieve.



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