PRDevices for Thrustmaster MFD

Backlight Panels for Thrustmaster MFD – REALISED!

Many negligence arose on this blog. But there are many jobs. In recent months, the device was created: PRD MFD-BL. These are the backlight panels for the well-known Thrustmaster Cougar MFD controller. They enable multi-colored highlighting of content in MFD frames. Each module contains five independent LED zones, which can be configured using our proprietary Read more about Backlight Panels for Thrustmaster MFD – REALISED![…]

Wind of change in our switchboxes

More precisely, the changes concern the heart of our modules, or electronics. Until now switchboxes have been powered by the Arcaze Simple Solutions controller. It works stably and does not present any difficulties in use. However, the downside is the extremely high price. In addition, testers point to the cumbersome and low intuitive reconfiguration of Read more about Wind of change in our switchboxes[…]